Tell me how to manage the EC shop!

I had a lot of Aloha shirts that I bought as souvenirs in Hawaii. It’s a waste to throw it away, and it’s pretty good, so I’m thinking of opening an EC shop and selling them.
Please tell me how to open and manage an EC shop.

back view of a man wearing aloha shirt while walking on brown grass field
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There are various EC shops such as BASE and STORES. So you should open it according to the manual.
The shop will also handle the payment, so I think it’s easy to pay.

However, unfortunately, it is impossible to sell Aloha shirts purchased as souvenirs.

The reason is that the customs duty and import consumption tax are different for personal use such as souvenirs and for sales purposes, even if it is brought into Japan.
If you bring it into the country as a souvenir, you don’t have to pay customs duty.
However, if you sell it, you will be importing Aloha shirts for the purpose of selling. In other words, you have not paid the necessary customs duty for the purpose of selling, and it will be “tax evasion”.

In addition, if you used it personally, there is no problem selling it as a used item on a flea market site.

Reference: Japan Customs