What kind of knowledge and way of thinking are necessary for overseas business? Ver2

For those who are interested in the trade business, or who are already involved in the trade business, this blog will introduce the work content of trade affairs and the necessary knowledge and skills.

Trade affairs is the work of carrying out necessary administrative procedures when importing goods from overseas or exporting goods from Japan to overseas. Main tasks include preparing trade-related documents, checking the content, and exchanging emails in English.

In trade affairs, in addition to trading companies and manufacturers, we also work with forwarders (customs brokers and freight forwarders) who arrange international transportation and customs clearance as international logistics coordinators, shipping companies and airlines (or specialized agents), etc. Companies specializing in trade also have jobs.

The knowledge and skills required for trade affairs can be roughly divided into the following three categories.

Reading, writing, and speaking foreign languages, mainly English

Expertise in trade practice

Communication and negotiation skills

  1. Ability to read, write, and speak foreign languages, mainly English

A certain level of English ability (generally said to be a TOEIC score of 600) is required for jobs that involve international trade transactions, but currently AI is evolving and it is possible that English is not possible. not a big obstacle.

  1. Expertise in trade practice

It is important to understand the flow of products (goods), payment (money), and documents (money), and to understand the role and content of trade documents. It is also necessary to learn a wide range of business customs, laws, and regulations of each country.

  1. Communication skills/negotiation skills

Communication and negotiating skills are necessary skills to cooperate with business partners, affiliated companies, and other departments in the company to smoothly proceed with work. Ability to plan and coordinate is also required.