Welcome to ”World Trade for All”

My name is Toshiyuki Yoshi, a World Trade challenge consultant who runs a trading business under the trade name “World Trade for All”.
Our keyword is “Three Easy”.

“Three easy” means “easy to understand”, “friendly”, and “high quality but affordable”.

The trading industry tends to have a very intimidating impression. In fact, we use foreign languages and use a lot of technical terms. IT knowledge is also required.
Recently, the number of individual business owners and corporations who import and export using EC sites has increased, and I thought that the base of the trading business would expand, but I saw many people who gave up when they came across a few restricted items and foreign languages.
Others may be ignorant of the law or import illegally. .

Furthermore, I feel that it is a big problem for SMEs who are strict with IT. Even if you want to sell on an EC site, you do not have IT-related knowledge. Of course, even if you want to rely on trading companies and international shipping companies, the chances of them being handled are low.
It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises, who are difficult to deal with both the conventional specialized trade industry and the recent EC industry, to even buy and sell overseas.
Our role is to bridge this gap as much as possible.
So how do we improve? What I thought at that time was “three easy”. However, the traditional professional trading industry is highly competitive, and it is difficult for a small business like ours to enter.

On the other hand, we often hear from people and corporations doing business on EC sites that they want to know about trade correctly.
Based on such opinions, I decided to make full use of my knowledge and experience in a specialized industry to support the overseas business of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small and medium-sized businesses aiming to expand overseas.

The technologies, products, and services that you have are world-class. I would like to expand this overseas to improve the Japanese economy, and by extension, the world economy, even if only a little, and help Japan recover.
The name “everyone’s trading” was given with the desire to help expand the base so that even beginners can get involved in trading. As the name suggests, our shop aims to be a “trading shop” that is loved by everyone in the city, not just an electric shop in the city.

Speaking of consultants, some people have the image of being arrogant and aggressive, but my motto is to give advice politely and politely so that customers can understand.

If you have any questions about trading, please feel free to contact us.